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Consultations for Trade

In addition to our full design & development services for our residential clientswe are launching Interior & Garden Concept Design, Upgrading, Optimising & Restyling Consultation Service to Trade to collaborate on helping to transform your project (residential & niche commercial properties inc. Boutique Hotels, Shops, Bars, Restaurants & Offices) into unique, beautiful, functional, ergonomically and energetically flowing space.

Anita Isabelle Klein specialises in concept design, space re-arrangements & upgrades that create tailor made environments benefiting its users and its purpose.

With a keen solution oriented flair, she will assist you personally in achieving your goals beyond expectation.

An on-site consultation can cover the following & answer any other questions you might have related to your property including swimming pools & gardens:

  • provide an alternative/second opinion
  • help you with planning new & validating existing architectural/interior & garden design plans 
  • give you ideas and assessments for improving living, working & playing space
  • make appropriate recommendations to avoid expensive mistakes
  • guide you to add value
  • advise on key improvements prior to property sale
  • assess & agree on any further assistance & requirements, project design & development, procurement & sourcing of goods/ services, cost estimating etc.
  • This service is available to residential clients as well as trade: architects, designers, developers & estate agents.

A consultation can result in a extensive overhaul but more often than not, a space doesn’t need a major refurbishment to update its aesthetics functioning.

Small changes, re-arrangement of your existing furniture & accessories, storage solutions, etc. can result in an immediate transformation.

An addition of strategically placed art or craft, featured wall finish or just a simple colour scheme change can achieve a lot at an economically feasible cost.

We provide a free initial consultation, via phone & email, to establish your requirements and guide you in a process to achieve outstanding results. A follow up on-site consultation can be arranged afterwards.

 Based in London, we are available for UK & overseas work. Email us details.

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